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Summer Chairs


Why not start thinking about summer? I mean really, with negative temperatures outside isn't it inevitable to be daydreaming about warmer weather? We have just the thing that cries out SUMMER - Tie-Dye Chairs! Our most popular pattern is now available in four different chairs. Each of these chairs is designed to hold up to year after year of outdoor use. 

Our versatile Original Chair is a favorite among kids heading to camp, backpacker, soccer moms, you name it  - you will be the envy of everyone around. Try either the Tie-Dye/Royal or solid Tie-Dye Original Chairs (Top).

The Beach/Festival Chair name says it all. This chair is the right height for concerts and festivals and comes in a handy carrying bag. Grab and head to the beach and sit just above the sand or grass (Bottom Left).

The Crazy Creek Leisure Chair is a personal favorite. With the convenient side table, this is the chair we fight over around the campfire! Easy to sit in for hours. This full size chair also folds compactly and has a shoulder strap or handles for easy transport (Bottom Right). 

Be sure to order your Tie-Dye chairs now though, the color is a limited edition and when summer does hit, you will not want to be without your favorite Tie-Dye Crazy Creek!

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