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Crazy Creek Hex 2.0 Chair

As is true for most all forms of travel, the general rule is to carry the minimum of what you might need. Excess weight is carried at the cost of energy, comfort, and speed. Minimizing volume has its benefits, too.

Some travelers will go to extreme measures (and extreme costs) to travel as lightly as they can. While I'd just assume pedal with as little weight as possible, I'm also of the frame-of-mind that if I'm going to be living on my bike for a few months, I want to be comfortable. Plus, once you add food and water to your touring load, meticulous savings in gear ounces here-and-there are easily overshadowed. And so on our Patagonia trip, where I knew that seats (even those offered by a picnic table) would be far-and-few-between, carrying the extra weight and volume of a Crazy Creek chair was acceptable.

Measuring 16.5" X 4" inches when folded and adding 1 lb 5 ounces to my gear weight, carrying the Crazy Creek is definitely a crazy luxury. But it is well worth it! How nice to be able to sit down and lean back in a comfortable chair in the middle of nowhere. Both my traveling partners brought Crazy Creek Chairs on this trip (at my urging) and both used them all the time. We used them at lunch...at our mid-afternoon coffee breaks...in camp at night -- basically anytime we weren't on the bikes or standing up.

Sure, there are lighter chairs, as well as ones with legs that will get you off the ground. But the Crazy Creek's versatility just makes more sense. For one, you can set up the Crazy Creek on any surface -- the ground, a log, a rock. Secondly, by disconnecting the side straps and flattening out the Crazy Creek, you can use the chair as a mat under your sleeping bag. Although it wouldn't be a full-length mat, it still provides a bit of padding and a minimal thermal barrier.

Should you decide to take a Crazy Creek with you on a bike tour or a backpacking trip, I suggest attaching the chair to the exterior of your pack so that it is easy to get to. The easier the access, the more it will be utilized.

Sarah, HonoringMyCompass.com



 “Thank you Crazy Creek for giving our backs a rest! nansen-sound.jpg
The HEX 2.0 LongBack Chair was totally awesome.
It’s super comfortable, lightweight, and durable.”

“Polar expeditions are expeditions of self-care. Crazy Creek helps us take care of our backs and that’s really important.”

John Huston, Co-Leader of the New Land 2013 Ellesmere Island Expedition.
Veteran of the First Unsupported American Expedition to the North Pole. 

ogl-print-bestbuy2012.png   HEX 2.0 PowerLounger  ogl-logo.jpg


“We used the Crazy Creek Chairs morning, noon and night. What a product!”
-Will Steger, Polar Explorer


aai-logo.jpg“We have found the Crazy Creek Original Chair to embody excellence in both durability and performance.” -American Alpine Institute

“Once you try a Crazy Creek Chair, it’s hard to imagine leaving home without it.”
-Rock & Ice Magazine

… I was impressed with the HexaLite’s feathery weight and packability… In the woods, around the fire, this chair will likely seem as comfortable as a La-Z-Boy®”
-Stephen Regenold, GearJunkie.com

 BACKPACKER Editors’ Toughest Gear  toughstuff.jpg
 Thirty indestructible gear picks from two decades of hardcore field-testing.
by: The BACKPACKER Editors

Readers constantly ask us: “What’s the most durable gear you’ve used?” Here’s our answer: A collection of rugged favorites voted on by 12 editors with 170 total years of field-testing experience. In our hands, these products have weathered howling storms, arctic freezes, slot-canyon scrapes, bug infestations, battery acid, weeks without showers, salt-water submersion, high-altitude UV exposure, and Alaskan grizzlies. Most are still on the market—durability will do that—and you can find the rest on eBay or Craigslist. Trust us, it’s worth your time to search: In the long run, durability is lighter on your wallet—and the planet.
Toughest Gear: Crazy Creek Original Camp Chair
A decade-plus of camp chair relaxation.
by: BACKPACKER Editors
This seat features thick padding, nylon reinforcements, and the ruggedest stays around. One chair has supported an editor for half of his life. $48.50; 1 lb. 10 oz.; crazycreek.com

 Crazy Creek, the best seat in the house.
Posted: Wednesday, May 9th, 2012 at 11:17 pm

Crazy Creek, the best seat in the house. Image

With all the gear out these days it is easy to be overwhelmed with technology. Whether it’s the latest, greatest, waterproof-breathable fabric. Or the newest, lightest tent etc. One piece of gear that is still a favorite is my Crazy Creek camp chair. I just ordered my third one. That’s the third one in twenty years.
I bought my first one right out of high school. It served me well for many years of campfire sitting, camping, or just hanging out on the tailgate eating lunch. It is always stored in the rig for emergencies. Such a simple design and the company is still based in Red Lodge Montana.
My second was replaced out of the Crazy Creek reps van. He came in to show new product and mentioned the lifetime warranty. One of my straps had started to separate so he said to go grab the old one and he’d give me a new one. That one saw its fair share of similar adventures but a few new twists thrown in, diaper changes, emergency sleeping pad, a kneeler for working in the garden.
Enter Crazy Creek #3. The metal stays had started to come loose on #2 when I saw the newest version, the Hexlite 2.0. Sure I could have sent my second chair in for replacement under the lifetime warranty but with such a small price I’ve gotten a lot in return from this product. So now, my newest Crazy Creek will hopefully get me through ten more years of campfires and quality times spent outdoors in high meadows and under the stars.

“I have used the same Crazy Creek Chair at every basketball tournament I have covered over the last two decades. I wanted to let you know how durable and dependable your products really are.”
-Scott Iskowitz, Professional Photographer

 “From the end of the dock to the canoe to the picnic bench, Crazy Creek Chairs provide a comfy, supportive seat.”
-Lakeshore Life Magazine






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