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5 Tips If You Must Hike Alone

Adventure is awaiting at every turn, but sometimes we can’t find another adventurer to join.  Should you stay home just because you can’t find anyone to join you? While we don’t recommend solo hiking, if you do go out alone just be prepared and always be ready for the worst-case scenario. Solo hiking can be extremely peaceful, providing a nice quite weekend away. Sometimes you just want to chill with the birds and the bees, right? Safety always comes first while on the trail so take a look at these tips and must-have items before you hit the trail solo.

Crazy Creek-1737

1) Satellite GPS Messenger

A hiker’s worst nightmare - missing person alert! Trails can be extremely tricky, we don’t know anyone that hasn’t gotten turned around on the trail at least once. You can have all the maps in the world but sometimes trails are not always that easy to see, and heading the wrong way can happen to anyone! The SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger is a great option, lightweight and easily clips to your pack. This device delivers services like Track Progress, which transmits coordinates every 10 minutes, and beams a real-time location to Google Maps. Feel safe knowing you can be tracked by your friends and family at home!

2) Carry a Knife or Multi-Purpose Tool

While a knife has many purposes while on the trail, it never hurts to have it handy in case danger is nearby. Keeping a small knife by you when you sleep, and at your waist while you hike, makes the tool easily available and provides an extra level of confidence. In addition to protection the tool can also:

  • Open packets (of food)
  • Cut cord
  • Make a spark (with a fire steel)
  • Split wood, firesticks, preparing kindling
  • Cut moleskin, blisters, cleaning nails

Small and compact this should be an essential item in every camping bag.