12th August 2018

10 Tips for Stress-Free Tailgating

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It’s playoff time! Whether you are a fan of the sport or would rather be anywhere else, no-one can deny how much fun tailgating is! Friends, family, delicious food and cold brews, football is in the air! Remember these key essentials for a stress-free good time.

1) Location is key

Arrive early. Location to the stadium and to other members of your tribe need to be explored, and with good neighbors! Make sure you know the parking rules and regulations, payments for your spot, and even the angle of the road! Ever try to play cornhole or beer pong on a hill? No fun!

2) Fly your colors

Tie a distinct balloon or banner by your site so you and your friends can find your tailgating location. A lot of people can have the same color pop-up tents and chairs, don’t get lost among the crowd! Remember to watch out for the opposing team's color - You don’t want to be that guy.

Women carrying a cooler on her shoulder

3) H2O & Coolers

Tailgating is usually an all-day event. Don’t forget to bring plenty of reusable water bottles. Paying $10 for a bottle of water at the game is no fun, plus there's the plastic you then have to recycle. Stock up with some portable coolers and keep the bottles labeled so you and your friends can easily find them.

Food grilling on a grill top

4) Chef in the Kitchen

Cook up as much food as you can the night before. Don’t spend 2 hours grilling out when you really want to be relaxing or playing some games. Keep the time-consuming parts for home, and simply heat up the meals on-site. Make a grocery list before-hand so you are not stopping in traffic on the way to the game.

Crazy Creek Baseball Hat

5) Sun Protection

It may seem simple, but the simple items are usually the last ones we think about! Sunscreen and head protection - like our stylin' baseball cap - seem to be an afterthought, but you will regret it! (Yes! Even during the winter!)

6) Jumper Cables

Traffic, traffic, traffic. Depending on the game you’re at, traffic can be a crucial factor. Jumper cables always come in handy whether it is your car, or a freinds. Especially when temperatures run low and batteries play up. Keep these guys on hand so you can get home in time to watch the highlights!

Kid sitting in a crazy creek chair watching a baseball game

7) Take a Load off

It’s the weekend, right!? Take a load off and don’t forget your chairs, hammocks or loungers. Whip out a the Leisure Chair for all the tailgating fun, and don't forget the Air Chair Compact - perfect to bring in the stadium with you for those long games. Get off the cold bench and make your friends jealous with your tush!

8) Check the Forecast

Don’t let rain ruin your weekend plans, but make sure you're prepared! Throw in a poncho or a rain jacket just in case. Don’t have a tailgating tent? That’s what neighbors are for. (Just remember to get the correct colors!) Hats, gloves, hats, and scarfs - you can never have too much to protect you from the elements.

Six Pack Holder

9) Condiments

We don’t know about you, but ketchup is king in any grilling out scenario. Use an old 6 pack holder to store your condiments and easily carry them all.

10) Pack a first-aid kit

This works in any situation, but a first aid kit is always savvy to have around. Most people probably won’t think of this and you can be the good neighbor who remembered! Stock it up with the essentials and play without worry!

Above all, enjoy the game! What are your most favorite Tailgating tips?


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