7th November 2019

5 Best Bikepacking Destinations in the USA

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The incredible hobby of bikepacking has taken mountain biking to an entirely new level, with many bikepackers riding incredible routes in the quickest times. Some may even take 24-hour overnight trips! Here's our top five best bikepacking destinations for you and the fam. Enjoy!

Bikepacking Trip

Photo by Dorothy Castillo from Pexels

The Continental Divide

The Continental Divide trail is a truly epic trail, covering about 3000 miles of brilliant routes across Canada, the Rockies, and Mexico. The most popular way to complete this route is to follow what is known as the Tour Divide route, which runs from Alberta to a region in New Mexico called Antelope Wells. You will criss-cross your way along many gravel roads with stunning views all around. This route goes through many wilderness areas, and although it is quite difficult, the views will impress everybody in your family. 

The Arizona Bikepacking Trail

This trail starts at the Mexican border and runs to Utah along an 800-mile long route. There is so much to see, from desert landscapes to canyons and mountains. Although this route can be quite arduous at times, there are all sorts of places to stop and many areas to get out your camping chair and pitch a bikepacking tent.

The Kokopelli

Mountain bikers all over the world love this route. An iconic 130-mile trail starts in Colorado and ends with some beautiful Utah views. It's also filled with iconic landmarks, like Porcupine Rim, which looks gorgeous at sunset. This route is well cared for, with several camping areas, toilets, and even some picnic tables. 

The Colorado Trail

This beautiful trail cuts through the Rockies and stretches nearly 500 miles from Durango to Denver. It's challenging, but also safe for the whole family. There are also numerous places to camp along the way, and a well-marked route ensures nobody will get lost. Overall, it's a wonderful single-track that displays all sorts of flora and fauna. 

Tahoe Rim

This trail is 165 miles long and is entirely made up of single-track. Numerous sections are now closed off to bikes, but a few detours will provide a fantastic route. Camping options are also plentiful in the National Forest. Whatever path you choose, you'll be thoroughly impressed by jaw dropping views of Lake Tahoe and stunning alpine scenery along the way.

Now that you know some routes, it’s time to pack your HEX 2.0 and get on your bike! As a golden tip, remember to bring a map to avoid getting lost.

Have you ever been bikepacking? We’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments section below.

About author:

Kevin Halz has ridden bikes since he was just a little two-year-old child. Nowadays, Kevin has full experience of riding all kinds of vehicles - anything with two wheels is his favorite! He has also written semi-professionally for several bicycle racing teams.


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