4th March 2020

Best for Backcountry Versatility - Crazy Creek Hex 2.0 PowerLounger


Thank you to Outdoor Gear Lab for choosing our Hex 2.0 PowerLounger as your Top Pick for Backcountry Versatility in the Best Backpacking Chairs of 2020 category!

Gear Lab Top Pick

The Hex 2.0 PowerLounger from Crazy Creek must be one of the best backpacking-specific products around. We were impressed by this taco-style chair's comfort; its high back and extended bottom will keep you dry on wet grass, clean in the mud, and cozy no matter where you are. This chair is also incredibly versatile since it can easily double as a sleeping pad, or at least as a great addition to your inflatable pad when the surface is sharp or uneven. With a much lower price than the Skyline UL, the PowerLounger can save you even more money if you forego a sleeping pad as well.

On the flip side, this chair does put you right on the ground, which is less comfortable than some of the elevated, tent-style chairs we tested. It would not be our first pick for a sleeping pad, as its padding is quite thin, but it will certainly work in a pinch. The most comfortable seats we tested are tent-style chairs that keep you way off the ground; this format is generally much better for the knees and hips, but also more expensive.

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