12th May 2020

Crazy Creek Chairs - Keeping People Close by Sitting Apart

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Forged in the wild - the heart of Crazy Creek’s message has always been to provide somewhere better to rest your butt than a fallen log or tree in the backcountry. Over time, we've evolved to provide comfortable seats wherever you are - around the campfire with friends, enjoying movie night at home, or tailgating with the team. While recent times test our patience, motivation and connections with these favorite activities - our message remains the same.

Although every State is different, many of us have taken to social distancing by clearing our heads at our favorite spots in the sun or between the trees. We may be currently sitting alone, but we can sit alone - together

Whether you’re in the wildlands of the backcountry, camping from your car off the interstate, or even admiring the foliage on your fence line for the seventh time this week, Crazy Creek has got you covered when it comes to comfort and convenience.

The proof is in the pudding, and can be traced back to 1987 when Rob Hart and Louise Chandler engineered the first Original Chair. It was such a hit that it constantly flew off the shelves - or out the back of their car as that was the sales method of the time. Since then, we’ve been setting a gold standard for how you wind down outside with a vast array of products - from our famous clam-shell chairs, to hammocks, to coolers. Here are our top 5 to add to your social distancing gear kit:

Around the campfire with Crazy Creek chairs

1) Crazy Legs Leisure Chair

While tailgating is currently out of commission, that doesn’t mean a Crazy Legs Leisure Chair can’t hold your snacks or notepad while you set up camp (in the back yard :) ).

2) PowerLounger

Kick back at a safe distance in a PowerLounger while your friends or family chuck the Frisbee - just keep an eye out for some bad throws. (Ps -  let a Hip Ditty hold your hand sanitizer, masks, sunscreen and other small accessories.)

crazy crib hammock

3) Crazy Crib Hammok

All you need is two trees. Two posts. Two fences. And you'll be whisked away to relaxation bliss.

enjoying the view in a Crazy Creek chair

4) HEX 2.0 Chair

In it for the long haul? The HEX 2.0 Original chair is the compact, lightweight choice that rolls up tight to fit safely and snug in your pack - you’ll forget it’s even there! Just don’t forget it at the first site... Like some of us.

5) Kayak Chair

If you own a kayak and haven’t been out on the water during these sparsely populated times, you’re probably following CDC guidelines. But if pulled off safely, your back and butt will thank you for using an SOT Kayak Chair II.

No matter the time or place, Crazy Creek’s range of quality outdoor gear will have you prepared for any adventure. Even though times like these challenge us, we don’t forget the therapeutic relief that the outdoors has to offer. This is the foundation that Crazy Creek was built on, and when seasoned outdoorsmen and travelers alike bring their ideas to life, magic happens.

Crazy Creek kayak chair

If you’re going to be out there social distancing, why not have comfortable gear that you can rely on, knowing that other are out there doing the same thing. We're helping keeping people close by sitting apart

Stay safe!


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