1st October 2021

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ProView – Crazy Creek Original Chair

Crazy Creek chairs have been around since 1987 and claim that they have perfected “just sit there” — they really have. These chairs can be used everywhere in the front and backcountry by anyone. 

Crazy Creek Original Chair

Product Name: Crazy Creek Original Chair

Product Description: Crazy Creek Original Chairs are the best you can get. The Original Chair revolutionized outdoor seating comfort over 35 years ago. Ever since, Crazy Creek has been the choice for comfort and durability all over the globe. Ideal for camping, backyard, sporting and school events, concerts and festivals, belaying, gaming, boating, anywhere you need a seat!

Offer price: MSRP: $59.95

  • Quality
  • Features
  • Fit
  • Durability
  • Eco-Friendly


The Crazy Creek Original chair is the perfect, all-around, outdoor chair. You can use it anywhere in the front or backcountry and it will always perform. If you are looking for something more packable you need to go with the Crazy Creek Hex Chair. 




  • Lightweight
  • Versatile
  • Easy to use



  • Not very packable

  • I work at a camp year-round and my “office” can be anywhere, whether it’s by the river, or at a rec site. In addition to that, I have four kids involved in sports and spend a lot of time sitting on the ground. I’ve been using the Crazy Creek Original chair all over the place and it is fantastic. It’s great on the trail, at the ball field, or sitting by a campfire. These chairs are super lightweight and can be carried around with ease. They also fold up so they take up very little space. They have a helpful handle for carrying but you can also slide it between your back and pack while you’re on the trail. 


I’m 6”1’, 205lbs and it’s not easy to get a portable chair that fits well, but the Crazy Creek is super comfortable and you can sit in it for a long time. It also works well for my wife and kids. It’s impressive to have a chair that fits just about anybody.


The Crazy Creek Original is the classic outdoor chair. It isn’t fancy, but it’s sharp and clean and comes in over half a dozen colors. 


One of the nice things about this chair is that it is simple. It has a back, a seat, and two straps. It doesn’t have any extra frills, which means that there are fewer things that can break on it. 


I love how lightweight it is and I’m big enough to where I can slide it in between my back and my pack. For a smaller person, it could be awkward to take into the backcountry. It isn’t very packable and it would be nice if you could fold it in fourths to be able to strap in on your pack (see the Hex option). It’s also awkward to try and hang it on the back of your pack. If you’re using it in the front country it’s great, you can slide it behind your seat or fit it in a trunk easily. And it works great to have at your house if you have company over, cause you can store it anywhere and have it easily accessible. 


This does everything you want out of a portable chair. You can take it anywhere and it will do what you want it to do. 


These chairs are made from heavy-duty ripstop nylon. They are super sturdy and are really durable. The only thing that can really break on them are the buckles, and if you break one of them, they’ll send you a new one. 


I’m not certain what kind of carbon footprint Crazy Creek is leaving. What I’m impressed with is that they have a minimalist mindset when making a superior product. The best part about that is that they make a product that will do what is it supposed to do for a long time. 

The Crazy Creek Original chair is the perfect, all-around, outdoor chair. You can use it anywhere in the front or backcountry and it will always perform. If you are looking for something more packable you need to go with the Crazy Creek Hex Chair. 

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