28th August 2020

Top 10 Adventure Dogs

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Whether your pup sprints and hops through endless fields of tall grass, or flops on the couch after a long game of fetch - you guys are there for each other. Owning a dog has shown to increase longevity, on top of other factors like living a healthy, active outdoor lifestyle. Why not get the best of both worlds and have a furry friend that loves getting out and about as much as you do? Here are the Top 10 best suited for your next outdoor adventure:

Top 10 Adventure Dogs with Crazy Creek Chairs

1) Siberian Husky

This ancient pooch was bred to pull sleds through the snowscape of Far East Russia - meaning they’ll pull their weight on a day hike (pun intended). They’re popular adventure buds because of their limitless energy (except in hotter climates), loyalty and attitude. Being a social breed, they flourish with another furry companion but are also natural runners, so fenced yards are kind of a must. Needless to say, they’re great for backpacking, hiking or trail running.

2) Australian Shepherd

Aussies are intelligent little fellows who are always up for the task at hand, whether it be fetching a frisbee or racing you past the ridgeline. Obedient and agile, they’re great with people and kids but also have super high energy levels - so they’ll be the first ones in and out of the trunk. They are big time shedders, however, so having a hand vac is a plus.

Top 10 Adventure Dogs from Crazy Creek Chairs

3) Golden Retriever

Ranked as one of the country’s favorite breeds, these silk-coated golden babies are as loyal as they come. Used as service and rescue dogs, their loyalty and gentle nature is unrivaled. They’ve got boundless stamina, though are commonly known for working themselves until they keel over, so just keep that in mind on a tiresome trek.

4) Labrador Retriever

Bred in Newfoundland by fishers to help secure their haul, they’re dedicated companions that check every box. Great around other dogs and people, the Labrador is an energetic go-getter with an aptitude for training and pleasing. While they give everything their all like their golden counterparts, they tire out pretty quickly. Yet, somehow, they don’t mind diving into icy waters to help secure a giant net of fish.

5) Border Collies

These herders are coined for being one of the most athletic and intelligent breeds out there - meaning they’re super easy to train and can withstand any journey. An important thing to keep in mind is that these guys get bored easily, bred with a fervent work ethic to herd sheep. Use this downtime to keep them entertained by teaching them tricks, they’ve got a knack for learning them! Fun fact: they have a natural instinct to nip - not bite - in their herding nature towards disobedient sheep. They have tendencies to do this towards bikes, boards or little kids running astray - something to keep in mind if you’re looking at owning one.

Top 10 Adventure Dogs from Crazy Creek Chairs

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6) German Shepherd

Strong, athletic competitors and talented learners, german shepherds are easy to train with a strong work ethic. Many of their qualities have earned them status among law enforcement, guiding, military and search-and-rescue roles. Tough as nails, loyal and intelligent, they’re ready for long hikes and arduous mountain trails.

7) Brittany

These loving, devoted pups are always chipper and excited for any task or adventure. Primarily best at hunting, they’re trustworthy off leash as well on a bike ride or trail run. They love to run and play at their owner’s side, and are great companions for any outdoor adventure you’ve got planned.

8) German Shorthaired Pointer

Another natural hunting dog, these spotted beauties excel on the trail as well. Adaptable to various climates, they get a kick out of long, strenuous activities. They’re social butterflies who love making new friends and pleasing their owners - you can’t go wrong with these ones!

Top 10 Adventure Dogs from Crazy Creek Chairs

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9) Rhodesian Ridgebacks

These hounds, bred and developed in Africa, were made for hunting large game for hours on end - things like, you know, lions. A main contributor here is their low-maintenance coat that allows them to excel in hotter climates. While they can be reserved towards strangers, they’re very affectionate towards owners and their families. High energy, active and engaging, they also don’t mind being laid back with their owners - but will still spring up at the sight of you putting your shoes on.

10) Portugese Water Dog

A natural born swimmer and fisherman’s assistant, this breed loves working and being by their owners’ sides. While they aren’t the most social or affectionate towards people outside of their family, they’re very well-behaved and adventurous. If you’re a family that frequents water, these fellows will be some of the best companions you can find. 

Top 10 Adventure Dogs from Crazy Creek Chairs

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Whichever pup you choose - or already share your adventures with - don't forget an extra HEX 2.0 for a portable nap pad when you hit the campsite!


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