Product Care

Product Care

Periodic cleaning and attention to your Crazy Creek Products will help to ensure a long life. We recommend routine cleaning during prolonged use, especially when used in sandy environments.

  • For all Chair models. Crazy Creek chairs are perfet for your favorite outdoor setting.Shake out any sand, pebbles, etc. Hand wash with mild detergent in cold water. Line dry. DO NOT put in dryer.

  • For Crazy Crib LEX model: spot clean with mild detergent. For the standard Crib and Tarp: hand or machine wash on gentle cycle in cold water with mild detergent. Line dry.

  • For Coolers: after each use, clean inside of cooler with a damp towel. Allow to dry completely before storing. Hand wash outside of cooler using cold water and mild detergent. Line dry. CAUTION: Avoid storing sharp objects, including bottle caps, in or around cooler. Sharp objects will puncture the liner.

Note: Any products returned for Warranty Service must be cleaned before returning them.