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Subject: Fun with Crazy Creek

I have many friends who have yet to learn the value of camping (I know, weird right!) so in an attempt to explain some of what goes on out there, I sent them the following informational emails (this may take a couple tries to get this to you)

What is a Crazy Creek chair you ask? Well, for the record, Crazy Creek is the brand name so from now on to save time and typing, I shall refer to it only as “the chair”. A better question might be, why is the chair important? In previous emails, you may have noticed images where we appear to be sitting on the ground but wait! We are not. The ground is often cold and wet, neither of which add to the enjoyment of a canoe trip. In times BC (before chair), one (myself included) made do sitting on a log or a rock close to the fire but after a long day in the canoe, one quickly learns that sitting on a log does nothing to support your back. A large recliner could be an option except it’s difficult to portage and probably would flip the canoe. And then it happened ………………………..

The Crazy Creek Chair!


The chair has a simple design such that they fold flat, are light weight (an important point on long portages) and can strap to the outside of packs for easy carrying. They insulate your butt from the cold hard ground and use the weight of your legs to support your back. I can attest from personal experience that after a long day paddling and portaging, they feel GREAT!

This man shown below has lost his Crazy Creek chair. See how disorientated and confused he seems?! He needs his chair!