Our origins start in Red Lodge, Montana, at the foot of the Beartooth Mountains. A backdrop that not only served as inspiration for our products, but as testing ground for our legendary chairs. Since 1987 we’ve been working to produce lasting outdoor products with a singular focus - to perfect “just sit there” no matter what terrain “there” might include.

Crazy Creek® chairs and gear have traveled around the globe, and have been relied on by some of the top professionals in the outdoor world. From the backcountry in Northern Alaska, to backyards in Southern Florida, people have enjoyed the quality craftsmanship and attention to the small details that make our simple to use designs so versatile.



The most important products are those that effortlessly solve a problem, and in that our history began.

On a stormy week in the Colorado wilderness, Crazy Creek’s founder, Rob Hart, was leading a group of Outward Bound students. One night at camp he wondered why there wasn’t something better to sit on than a fallen log or tree stump… a problem in need of a solution. Using an old canoe chair as inspiration, Rob and his girlfriend Louise Chandler began working on prototypes using more modern materials. Over many months of experimentation the first Original Chair was born.


With sales soaring, in 1987 Crazy Creek® Products officially began. Industrial sewing machines and equipment started whirling at a new headquarters as the popularity of their product continued to climb and gain notoriety in the outdoor world.

As this expansion continued, new team members would join to help enhance operations and further Crazy Creek’s mission. With a passion for meticulous attention to quality materials and workmanship, sales of “The Chair” continued grow by leaps and bounds. With close attention to customer feedback and a mind toward innovation, new chairs and product designs were added to the line-up. Crazy Creek® had completely revolutionized lightweight, portable chairs for the outdoor use in all kinds of applications.


Our tagline pretty much says it all: Perfecting “Just sit there” since 1987. What was true then, is still true today, creating comfortable outdoor products for our customers - wherever outdoor adventure takes them, from the North Pole to a local soccer game is what we are dedicated to.

Before your next hike, climb, high school football game, canoe or camping trip - perfect your own “just sit there” in a Crazy Creek® chair!


Partnering with Experticity & Outdoor Pro Link, Crazy Creek is proud to offer the same products and knowledge that pro gear users crave.  Pro programs such as these are a valuable resource for any outdoor industry pro to obtain job-related gear and enhance product knowledge.  

Each program offers it’s own unique set of requirements and brand affiliations.  Check out ExpertVoice or OutdoorProLink to learn more.  


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