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The world of camp chairs has been flooded with endless spindly mesh options in recent years, but the simple and sturdy design of the original Crazy Creek is still my favorite. Its weight, price, durability, and comfort still make it one of the best camp chairs on the market. Because of that, over the brand's 30+ years in business, Crazy Creek has developed a bit of a cult following ...Read the Full Review

Maren Larsen - Outside Magazine

After seeing my parent's old Crazy Creeks get packed before every adventure throughout my childhood, I figured it was time to call one my provides all the comfort I'll ever need for everything between concerts and camping trips...I expect to have this thing forever.

J. Coughlan

Outdoor Gear Lab: Top Pick Award for being the Best Foam Hex 2.0 Power Lounger - BEST FOAM CHAIR

Elizabeth Paashaus - Outdoor Gear Lab

Can't deny the awesomeness and many uses of the crazy creek. I keep one in my car during the summer months. In the past year alone I have used it as a seat when I wanted to be lazy on a SUP board; we hiked them up to a peak to watch the total solar eclipse; and used them for summer concerts.

R. Wikstrom

Best Overall Outdoor Chair 2020 Read Full Article Here

New York Magazine- The Strategist

I take this everywhere. Friday night football games, camping, backpacking and even white water rafting. this char is simple, comfortable and good everywhere! I highly recommend and love this chair!

T. Jones

I use this everywhere I go. Waiting for my laundry reading a book at the Laundry mat, waiting to climb at the crag, to keep my feet clean, a pillow (not ideal) and many other things. Not to mention all the compliments I get on the tie-dye.

M. Penny

...Crazy Creek is the way to go if your campsite is uneven or your car is too full for the big chairs. It's lightweight enough to bring along to walk-in campsites or on a backpacking trip, and is super comfortable.

J. Catalano

Picked one up for the lady for work, she works with sports teams and ends up sitting on bleachers all the time. Plus now I do not have to steal a friends while sitting around the campfire. You should buy one for every person in your family.

George E.

I am always the envy of the campsite when I bring this along. It makes sitting around the fire that much more awesome.My brother packs his on backpacking trips and uses it as a sleeping pad...

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“Thank you Crazy Creek for giving our backs a rest!
The HEX 2.0 LongBack Chair was totally awesome.
It’s super comfortable, lightweight, and durable.”
“Polar expeditions are expeditions of self-care. Crazy Creek helps us take care of our backs and that’s really important.”

– John Huston
Co-Leader of the New Land 2013 Ellesmere Island Expedition.
Veteran of the First Unsupported US Expedition to the North Pole.



With all the gear out these days it is easy to be overwhelmed with technology. Whether it’s the latest, greatest, waterproof-breathable fabric. Or the newest, lightest tent etc. One piece of gear that is still a favorite is my Crazy Creek camp chair. I just ordered my third one. That’s the third one in twenty years.

I bought my first one right out of high school. It served me well for many years of campfire sitting, camping, or just hanging out on the tailgate eating lunch. It is always stored in the rig for emergencies. Such a simple design and the company is still based in Red Lodge Montana.

My second was replaced out of the Crazy Creek reps van. He came in to show new product and mentioned the lifetime warranty. One of my straps had started to separate so he said to go grab the old one and he’d give me a new one. That one saw its fair share of similar adventures but a few new twists thrown in, diaper changes, emergency sleeping pad, a kneeler for working in the garden.

Enter Crazy Creek #3. The metal stays had started to come loose on #2 when I saw the newest version, the Hexlite 2.0. Sure I could have sent my second chair in for replacement under the lifetime warranty but with such a small price I’ve gotten a lot in return from this product. So now, my newest Crazy Creek will hopefully get me through ten more years of campfires and quality times spent outdoors in high meadows and under the stars.




“We have found the Crazy Creek Original Chair to embody excellence in both durability and performance.”
– American Alpine Institute

“Once you try a Crazy Creek Chair, it’s hard to imagine leaving home without it.”
– Rock & Ice Magazine

“… I was impressed with the HexaLite’s feathery weight and packability… In the woods, around the fire, this chair seems as comfortable as a La-Z-Boy®”
– Stephen Regenold,



This is the chair my daughter has with her at camp in Vermont this summer, but first it was mine. I carried this very chair with me on all the miles I hiked on the #PCT in 1995, when it doubled as both my camp chair and my sleeping pad. It was my favorite thing. I reclined in it and ate countless dinners while watching the sun set. I read books in it while gently rocking. I slept on it and dreamed and woke and began another day. In all that dreaming I never once imagined that someday I’d pass it on to my daughter. I never imagined it would last so long that it would know not only my wild stories, but hers. This isn’t an ad or a paid whatever. It’s just the truth and a bit of astonishment. Thank you, @crazycreek #staywild #keeprocking

– Cheryl Strayed
author of Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail


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